Cabbage with carrots and mayonnaise

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Products Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Calories
  For serving About 100 grams. For serving About 100 grams. For serving About 100 grams. For serving About 100 grams.
Cabbage 3,40 1,70 0,80 0,40 8,00 4,00 52,00 26,00
Carrots 0,30 0,60 0,20 0,40 4,00 8,00 20,50 41,00
Mayonnaise 0,52 1,30 31,60 79,00 1,04 2,60 285,60 714,00
TOTAL 4,22   32,60   13,04   358,10  

The word comes from the French mayonnaise mayonnaise, suggesting the French contribution to the discovery of the delicious sauce. According to the story, mayonnaise is the brainchild of a French chef who squeezed by circumstances created culinary masterpiece. In the mid 18th century Duke of Richelieu stayed in besieged by British fortress city of Mayon. It was a tumultuous time of constant battles. French army bravely withholding incursions of English, but gradually provisions and food supplies ran out. The one else was eggs and yolks in particular because proteins are used as an adhesive for repairing holes in the walls. It is more lemons and olive oil, which in no way been able to satisfy demanding culinary tastes of Richelieu.


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